Event Health & Safety

For completely selfish reasons, the health and safety of our guests is paramount to CotA. 2022's event will be held at an oversized, indoor/outdoor rooftop venue.

Although we hope for and expect the best, certain aspects of the event may be out of our control due to governmental directives and/or common sense. Please be advised that although this isn't the case now, masks and/or proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test results may be required!

IMPORTANT: For event questions during festivities-- CotA staff, wearing the official CotA-logo pins, will be happy to help you out. Please be sure to reach out to an official coven member for any event-related questions.

Those providing advisement w/o the CotA pins may be considered appetizers as they may not have the best advice.

10/22/2022 UPDATE

As the current pandemic has waned, proof of vaccination / negative test results will currently NOT be required. Masks are also expected to be optional at this time. We have worked to provide an oversized venue, open enough to support a level of social distancing. Please be respectful of those who have chosen to wear a mask or request space.

Upon admittance, we will provide optional "Social Distance" white flower lapel pins. If you choose to wear one, this is a way to signify to other guests that you would like to keep close-contact with others to a reasonable minimum. Please respect the close personal space of those who choose to wear a white flower lapel pin.

Our out-of-town guests should please remember that New Orleans is not a family-friendly theme park. We encourage everyone to enjoy the city in larger groups, especially after dark. Remember to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

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